COVID -19 Page

MUST READ: ORC Covid-19 Mitigation Document: Covid-19 Mitigation Document


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Proper Use of Masks

  • Bring two masks in a plastic bag. Bring a second plastic sealable bag  for dirty masks and put a tissue or object in it that identifies it as “dirty”.
  • Put a mask on before coming to the club.
  • Remove once in boat and place in the “dirty” bag. Do not touch the outside surface of mask.
  • Put a second clean mask on before returning from the row. 
  • Hand hygiene before and after putting mask on or taking mask off.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 
  • Place of used mask in “dirty” bag.
  • DO NOT RE-USE MASKS that are dirty.
  • If masks are washable, wash in hot water and detergent. Hot dryer if possible too. If single use, dispose in covered garbage.
  •  It’s important to use hand sanitizer after removal of gloves